I Can Tell Your Mind

If I can have a superpower, I would choose mind reading abilities.

A friend majoring in psychology once shared this experiment in which the mere thinking that someone is staring at our back, became truer than when someone really stared.

How many times have we been mind-messed – by our own perceived truth?

We assumed someone’s sincerity in spending the evening with us, only to realise we were just substitutes to their loneliness after a rejection from another preferred date. We thought a co-worker is sharing an opportunity for exposure, only to figure that it was work they never wanted to do. We believed we are important to someone else, when we never were placed in the same regard.

Call me naïve. I imagined a world of eternal kindness. Someone who is nice, will always be nice, so exhaust our all and be nicest to these few. No. People change. This compelled me to question people’s niceness.

Why did she give me that cookie? What was the meaning of his message? She gave me a cookie once, can I trust she meant well the next time?

Real motives remain invisible. Until in retrospect, when we start to piece little parcels of facts together to infer that the original “truth” may turn out to be a terrible deceit. At other times, we remain unaware and foolishly blissful.

Omission is lying, but society condone that no one is obliged to reveal our entire deck of cards.

Too much time in my life was wasted and tormented by trying to double guess what others’ intentions are. Occasionally, pride stops me from asking and clarifying.

We can be more honest. We can bravely ask. If we don’t have the courage to ask, then don’t seek to know. Truth will set us free.

Midnight treats – Fronana

Freezing does magic to food (try tofu), and it effortlessly transforms banana into an amazing dessert base. I like the marriage of sweet & savoury. Hints of saltiness from the crunchy pretzels will comfortably neutralise the banana’s sweetness.

  1. Freeze banana. (~30mins)
  2. Crush salted pretzels to bits. (not too fine)
  3. Sprinkle on banana.

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