We Think More As The Year Ends

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Our lives unfold in a way that sometimes we become the consequences of each other’s decisions. Lead me, and I’ll lead you.

Xmas slides us down nostalgia, thinking what good (and damage) we’ve done. As mundane as it seems, 2014 for me was bumping around random events, random people. Some of who, became friends.

It got mysterious how people become closer friends. Proximity, similar vulnerabilities, arts/music/food/sports, or just-some-strange-connection. Somehow I figured, for every cool stranger-friend, as we begin to know more and more of that someone, we’ll also begin to see more and more of their flaws. Some give us up as a result, but it’s a privilege I appreciate– to be able to see each other’s flaws. We’ll love the quirks and their quaint interests (even sniffing medicated oil). Guess that’s how blind love is, and I’m grateful for those who never did want to see the light from me. ‪#‎Blissful‬

It’s been a tumultuous year.

Like a released country bum, I wanted to try everything. Climbing an active volcano, cook recipes imagined or grabbed from master chef, solo-hike up an outskirt mountain near Seoul, intensive manual driving classes till almost midnight, meet MOS Teo, visit Go-Go bars, hear from screen play writers, cold-call La Salle (and whoever else who rejected me) to sell an idea about making a short film to tell a story about the under-celebrated engineers etc.

Despite all these that I get to experience, sometimes I still find myself complaining and whining. And sometimes, just complaining and whining and not doing anything. <<Insert ‪#‎Horrified‬ half blue hand clasping face emoticon>> . So much more in character to develop, and much skills to polish. 2015 will be a busy year!

Thank you to those who’ve challenged. Thank you to those who’ve inspired. Thank you to those who taught me how to live. For I’ve never thought about who I want to be in character as conscientiously, and what are the values or near future I’d fight for. Thank you to those who gave me courage. And especially thankful to those who gave me their faith and believed in me despite times when it seems like I have absolutely zero to offer. I wanna grow to be like the awesome you all. Who have impacted your 2014? Go give them a hug!

Let us grow in strength and mercy. Love life, and life will love you back. 2014, peace out.

An Irish Xmas Night Treat (Prep time: 5mins)
Admittedly, slight sips & hints of alcohol liken my secret best friend. A cold night sometimes sparks me to indulge in some ice cream. Well, negative bumped with negative sometimes creates a positive big bang.  Baby, it’s cold outside.
1. Scoop your favourite choco ice cream to the bottom of the mug
2. Layer au natural no-sugar (some real sour treasure!) yogurt on top
3. Drizzle and pour in Baileys (amount to your preference)

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