Day 0: We are all insane, it’s just what extent

Day 0.

I told my friends that I shall start therapy sessions, but most are skeptical. Therapy sounds uncool, un-fun and unnecessary. We associate it with depressions and addictions. Perhaps, it’s time we all realise.

“We are all insane, it’s just to what certain extent.”

I’m flawed, so are you

I’m terribly flawed. When I’m tired, hungry, being criticised for something I feel strongly against; it fuels my impatience. I become a bag of defensive hot gas, reactive and ill-tempered. I’m drained by moments of hypocrisy at work or in social events. I cannot concentrate on things well. I choose to nap rather than getting off my ass to do work that I actually enjoy or feel purposeful doing (e.g exercise, planning for a sabbatical). I’m very conscious of my behaviours and it has been years, but I’ve yet to grow out of it.

Ice cream for my consciousness

I Googled for “therapy clinics”, only to be astonished by the exorbitant price. A 50 minutes session costs $145. Well, if Benjamin Franklin self-educated and read his way into becoming one of the major figures of science and literature; with Idiot’s guides, Wikipedia and YouTube today, we should do better. I switched on my WiFi and grabbed a copy of “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies”. This marks the start of controlling my consciousness! I’ll journey through 20 therapy sessions.

What will become of myself at the end?

Read the next part where I looked at my own emotional flaws with CBT here (click).


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