Homecation: Your new way of travelling

Add the phrase onto Urban Dictionary. This, should be one of the vacation you’re planning this year.

Homecation is to enjoy a break at home. It works especially if you can get the whole apartment to yourself. Travelling aboard can be taxing, and it doesn’t clear up the clutter that you left behind. Homecation recharges, and spares the time to try something you didnt have time for. I had one, and here’re some ideas for you.

  1. Load up on fun
    Binge on variety shows! They bring back our fun and funny. On my list: Infinity Challenge (if it can last 10 years and still remains leading show in South Korea, it has it’s magic worth watching), 2 Days 1 Night (click for playlist), We Got Married (my first ever Korean show), The Return of Superman (click for playlist).
  2. Gym hard
    No excuses, go shake those muscles. XHIT on YouTube has great workouts for ladies.
Homecation Day 1: Netflix & Chill (literally, don’t think naughty)

3. Read
So that we don’t become too dumb. Make your tea and roll out the mat and beanbags. Picnic at your balcony while sun bathing.

I like to read at least 2 books at once to swap between. My list is now rotating among The Upside of Irrationality (Dan Ariely), Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google (William Poundstone); and Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg). The break helps me remember the things I read better, and  I get less bored. Sneak in fun reads like, Oishinbo, a manga series on Jap cuisines.

Homecation Day 2: Nerd’s day

Cannot empathise this enough. Re-organising is like F5- it gives a fresh breath of energy to want to live better than yesterday.

Marie Kondo, a professional cleaning consultant (HERE: Marie Kondo- The Life Changing Magic of Tidying), has a tip to start with clothes, books, then mementos.

Homecation Day 3: The Great Autumn Cleanout

5. Try New Things
I planned for a wall climbing session, although it got cancelled. Well, I got to strum a song, cooked a proper meal for your family, and to surprise grandma with yummy treats.

6. Think through your year
Think about what you’ve been spending time on, who should you be meeting more, what are you good in, and what do you want to do more.

Homecation Day 4: Live out what you day dreamed about doing when at work

There’s an endless stream of cool things to do and unwind even when at home. Are your ready! What would you do?

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