Real Girl Guide Handbook: How to be cool

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The Real Girl Guide Handbook – Tying real knots (


We’re always finding who we are. It never goes wrong to be cool.

We’ve learn about tying brownie knots.

Instead, this is a realistic and fun series helping you tie real knots. Knots between people.

 The real girl guide series- Tying real knots.

Chapter 2: How to be cool

  1. Don’t scurry
How to be cool: Walk slowly, Speak Slower

You can take larger strides, but always stay composed. Speaking with a paced speed, with pauses, makes us sound smarter and more charismatic even when the content is the same. That’s the trick people.

2. Your Name = XXX

How to be cool: Find your theme
How to be cool: Find your theme

Our name should be positively associated with a subject. For instance: Phelps = swimmer. It means we’re doing well in a something. People find others cool when they can do things they can’t do as well. So you could read up on gastronomic meals and know more than the average. Pretty cool.

3. They have all the killer lines, and all the moves that slay.

How to be cool: Watch movies. They have all the killer lines.
How to be cool: Watch movies. They have all the killer lines.

Using those killer moments in real life = smooth. Enough said.

4. Try things you haven’t done before

How to be cool: Travel for a purpose

I don’t mean those volunteering stints. It’s about discovering yourself, and putting ourselves in new situations. Going to a new place to hike, to dive, to learn tea blending, to act with a local troop, to run in a seasonal cherry blossom marathon, to save wild birds etc. We fear a lot of things because we haven’t try it before, and because we don’t know what will happen. Go try things, then you’ll realise you could do more beyond what you imagine. And you’ll know how to respond properly to new situations when they pop up again. (You could even try a homecation (Read Homecation: Your new way of travelling)

5. Please don’t.

How to be cool: Don’t namedrop

We don’t care which rich and famous you’ll be eating dinner with tonight. If you cared about a forgotten bunch of issues or ignored people in our community, then take all my respect. You’re selflessly cool. BUT. Only if it’s sincere. Sincerity shows through consistency and driving force. People can tell.

6. Ok, we can be vain.

How to be cool: Stretch for your beach body

A nimble and fit body makes us feel good, but if we’re going for a toned shape, the tip is to do lotsa stretching. Getting in shape is more than doing the agonising fat busting cardios.

7. Can’t emphasise enough- Love like you’re gonna lose it

How to be cool: Love like I’m gonna lose you. Nothing is more attractive than real and dedicated passion.

Meghan Trainor’s top song, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” can be the motto for being cool. Nothing is more attractive than real and dedicated passion (with a bit of humour. Boring is nasty!). It’s about loving someone. Your parents, your friends, your hamster. Sometimes we forget our parents too easily. Sometimes, we don’t understand them fully, neither do they. Loving them is as easy as sending a picture of your dinner to them, and letting them know you thought of them and is involving them in your life (which they still may not get it). It’s about loving the things you do, or loving the reason behind the things we do (we don’t always like what we’re doing, and that’s normal). So, love like you’re gonna lose it.

Cool like a pineapple. Put on your crown, and stay sweet inside.

 The Real Girl Guide Handbook- Tying real knots.

See you in the next Chapter.

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