The Real Girl Guide Handbook: What type of girl are you?

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Half the things we speak about when we’re in our 20s-30s is about love. What kind of girl is your (ideal) girlfriend. Who are you like as a girl?

We’ve read about tying brownie knots. Instead, this is a realistic and fun series helping you tie real knots. Knots between people.

The real girl guide series- Tying real knots.


Girls are not hard to understand. There’s only 3 archetypes.

There are only 3 types of girls. They span across the spectrum of the 3 archetypes, and are distributed as follow. Type 2 behaviour being more common than Type 1 and Type 3 respectively.

Type 1: Ms You-See-What-You-Get

Typical text

You (Guy)      : Hey dear, I’m staying out late with my bros to watch soccer tonight

Bae                  : Have fun!

Go have fun cause she means it. Even if she was slightly annoyed that you didn’t accompany her that night, she’d rationalise that bro needs his bros. So she’ll grow to be cool, and truly accept it.

However, when she’s really annoyed, she’s tells you, and she’s really annoyed.

How to deal with Type 1s: Appreciate that she’s accommodating. Show your appreciation. Let her know you’re thankful she’s honest with her feelings with you. Do the same to her so she’s knows that what you say is truly how you feel.

Rarity:  ♥♥♥

Type 2: Ms Passive Aggressive

They have a way around to make you do things they want you to do, but making it seemed like it’s you who want to do it.

Typical text

You (Guy)      : Hey dear, I’m staying out late with my bros to watch soccer tonight

Bae                  : Have fun.

Note that full stop. She did provide a cool and liberal answer to tell you to have fun, but really. Go home now.

Bae      : I want to visit this crafts fair tmr evening

You     : Looks like something you like

Bae      : Yar, but I don’t want to go alone

What she meant was “Go with me to the fair tmr?”. It took a longer convo to IMPLICITLY get there. If you noticed, she didn’t “demand” you to go with her. In the end, you agreed to accompany her yourself!

How to deal with Type 2s: Simply because she treasures you more than others, she hopes to test and see if she was also placed in similar regards by you. Don’t give her the need to have to guess. You could suggest ways you’d find more direct to allow you to understand her (She retorts: “You mean you don’t think I’m direct with my feelings?!). So don’t expect to change too much of her. Understand her style. Passive aggressive moments can be adorable too.

Stereotypically, younger teens are more prone to be Type 2. Girls can grow out of it.

Rarity:  ♥♥

Type 3: Ms Free-Spirited

Typical text

You (Guy)      : Hey dear, I’m staying out late with my bros to watch soccer tonight

Bae                  : Have fun.

There’s the full stop, but it’s different from Type 2. Type 3 generally aren’t too bothered. Yar, go have your own life. They pretty much have their own life too.

They are minimal with surprises or card writings. Too cool for those. So if they actually bake you birthday cookies, it’s a rare occasion. The cookie has a greater happiness effect than if it was from a Type 1 or Type 2 girlfriend who do it more often on daily basis.

Rarity:  ♥♥♥♥♥


Whatever the communication type, if you shower your bae with love, she will love you sincerely too. Love begets love.

The Real Girl Guide Handbook- Tying real knots. Next Chapter: How to be cool

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