Into the mind of a hamster starting her venture

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20th Aug 2016: My last day of work

Itchy bottom me gave up a stable job to try things that are off the course.

Basic ideas include: Allow people to create their signature self-blended teas and providing quirky flavours infused with marshmallows? Start a club sharing exquisite tableware?

This isn’t an irrational decision. I’ve weighed the consequences and opportunity costs, and the only time to try is now before I have too many commitments like housing loans, insurance bills etc.


27th Aug 2016: Angry mummy

So, my mum accidentally said she’s disappointed with what I’m doing. She hoped her daughter has some sort of specialised profession. Oh, my mum loves me, and I love her too.


30th Aug 2016: Supportive friends

My brother told me that I shouldn’t keep looking at others for approval of what I’m doing. I just need to be my own greatest cheerleader.

But well, I feed off little words of encouragements from friends as fuel. And I have way awesome friends, that are compassionate and funny.


9th Sept: Self doubt

Alright, so I permutated many possibilities and tried to think of what I can negotiate when I meet partners. Oh shucks, it’s like I have lots of lousy lousy un-scalable ideas.


16th Sept: Blind commitment

Don’t think just do.


20th Sept: Begging

Getting friends to help like the Instagram page, or test out certain ideas. Owning lots of friends favours.


26th Sept: Can’t sleep

My friends asked why I wake up so early everyday. Cause there’s so much on my mind that I know I haven’t fix. The fact that the progress is slow also makes me guilty that I shouldn’t be lying on my bed. And the fact that my mum quietly puts $200 bucks on my table for pocket money also breaks my heart a little.


29th Sept: Co-working!

So I went to find granny, and worked on my website while helping her grind chilli. This pantry has free flow snacks, high speed wifi, and 2 pokemon-stops. 10 out of 10.


30th Sept:

Since I’ve decided to do this, I should just do it to my best. (It’s sometimes sad to know sometimes that my best is only like this! It’s okies! Let’s stretch ourselves!)


Documenting of the little moments continue in next post.

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One thought on “Into the mind of a hamster starting her venture

  1. Ooh good luck! My neighbors have asked me when I’m going to find a ‘proper’ job when they saw me at home during odd hours. I felt pretty hurt the first time I received such comments. Sometimes the things you do make more sense in your head than to anyone else, so their approval does not matter as much as your own. You are your biggest cheerleader! 🙂


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